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"Driven" EP out now!

A brand new, 6-song EP full of carefully crafted, contemporary country pop crossover songs.

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Singer-songwriter Joonas Tanner goes back to the country with his new EP “Driven”

Releasing a self-funded album of his own music may have once seemed like an unrealistic goal for the Finnish-born singer-songwriter Joonas Tanner.

Originally from a tiny countryside village of only 20-30 people in southern Finland, Joonas was definitely not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. One of four children, the family was living hand-to-mouth on his father’s military salary alone, so naturally things were not always easy. Living in the middle of a forest, 30 kilometres away from the nearest town, didn’t really help either. In his own words: “I grew up in a tree - quite literally - until I moved out for college at 18 years old”.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Joonas kept working towards his dreams; slowly, but surely. Gradually moving to bigger and bigger places, he has ended up all the way in London, UK, where he has been working for 6+ years as a highly successful software engineer for a major international company. Joonas really appreciates his humble beginnings: “It taught me to always think positively, no matter what, and be happy even for the smallest of things. From a very young age, I realised that in order to achieve my dreams in life, I would have to stay focused and work towards them myself, one step at a time.”

Here we are in 2018, and the now 37-year-old Joonas has just released a fantastic 6-song EP called “Driven”. He hired a Nashville-based country music producer and during the past 6 months, the two of them have been working closely together; again, slowly yet surely; one step at a time. Nashville, USA meets London, UK meets Iitti, Finland. It is a very unique combination - and turns out, musically it really works!

The EP is a combination of honest lyrics and beautiful, soaring melodies. The title song tells his true life story, whilst other songs on the album, such as “Little Paradise”, really portrait his positive outlook on life - and are sure to bring a smile on your face. In his own words: “Even if things look bad on the surface, you can always think positively and just keep going. ‘You either win, or you learn’ is my life motto.”

At least two of the songs on the EP have already made it to the semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest 2018, in the highly competitive “Adult Contemporary” and “Love Songs” categories. And the song “Two Guitars” was a special promotion finalist in the Unsigned Only 2018 competition.

Not bad for a poor country boy from Finland, huh?

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